Our Why

We believe deeply that we should leave things better than we found them, treat others the way they want to be treated, and that practice makes improvement. 

Our What

We work with businesses that help people connect with each other, the planet, and themselves. We help craft your story, attract your people, and better the world around you.

Our How

We provide businesses in the hospitality, tourism, and wellness space with branding, marketing, and sustainability consulting services.

Emily Penfold Dailey

Founder & CEO

Hey there, I’m Emily. I take what I do really seriously, but I’m a little silly and I love finding the wonder and joy in my work. The similarities to theatre are what drew me into hospitality, but the ability to forge connection (to a place, ourselves, or each other) is what kept me. My brain is simultaneously creative and analytical, theoretical and practical, and balances the big picture and fine detail. My hidden talents are writing improvisational songs about animals and filling every square inch of a grocery bag like it’s a game of Tetris.

I light up when I see someone realize and reach their own potential. I love noodling over tough problems and building a new process, system, or tool to solve it. I work well under pressure, but my best work is done when my ideas have sufficient time to percolate.

I have over 15 years of hospitality, travel, and tourism experience most of which is in marketing and leadership roles. Back when I was still working in hotel operations I unknowingly took on my first marketing client and provided consulting and design for an author who had written a book about building a famous restaurant brand. I have worked with major brands and independent hotels and restaurants. A majority of my focus has been on full-service and lifestyle properties across the United States. I’ve helped to successfully open more than a dozen new hotels and restaurants and worked on bringing those brands to life. I’ve worked with large management companies to build their brand positioning and develop their pitch and marketing processes.

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